Veronica Cianfrano is the youngest of three daughters, and a first generation Italian-American, she is originally from Connecticut but moved to Philadelphia in 2011. Her Father was an Electrician and Handy Man and her Mother was a Hair Stylist. Her first job was sweeping hair at age 6 in the salon where her Mother worked. Now, she is a Multimedia Artist, Curator, and Adjunct Professor, teaching Studio Art courses at the pre-college, undergraduate, and graduate level. She received her B.S. in Studio Art from Southern Connecticut State University and her M.F.A in Painting from the University of the Arts. She is both Co-Founder and Curator for Manifesto-ish, an on-line artist in residence program, and Champions of Empty Rooms, a pop-up gallery in Philadelphia. Her own art practice is largely informed by the psychology of memory, contemporary communication and photography, and the meaning behind materials. She often works collaboratively, creating multimedia installations that require participation.

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The fear of forgetting and being forgotten is practically universal. I am interested in how contemporary communication and digital photography have altered our memories, social interactions, and psychology. I use this connecting thread of memory to establish an emotional connection to the viewer by incorporating objects and images that are loaded with nostalgia or sentimentality. Aesthetic references to memory, degradation, ephemera, and family photographs are common themes in my layered, multi-media works. As I often comment on the negative psychosocial impact of public, global, digital communication, I tend to create large-scale installations that encourage viewer interaction with the space and each other. It is my hope that these interactions help reinforce a physical and emotionally responsible connection to each other and the space around us.

CV:          Veronica Cianfrano 


2010: M.F.A Painting, University Of The Arts

2008: B.S in Studio Art, Southern Connecticut State University


2017: More Stately Mansions: Group exhibition, Kitchen Table Gallery, PA.

2014: Digital Divide: Group exhibition, Assemble Gallery, PA.

2013: UArts MFA WIP Show: Group exhibition, University of the Arts, PA.

2013: CHER Takes Over: Group exhibition, Dick Blick, PA.

2013: Dinner and a Movie: Event and film screening, Little Berlin, PA.

2013: Backpack Gallery: Group performance, 30th St. Station, PA.

2013: Come On And-a Meander With Me: Group exhibition,

2013: (no)Hope: Group exhibition and event, Salon 1522, PA.

2012: Laughing In The Face Of…: Group exhibition, PhilaMOCA, PA.

2011: The Dishes Are Done: Group exhibition, Gallery 224, PA.

2010: Future Excavations: Group exhibition, Gallery 224, PA.

2007: Searching Home: Group exhibition, Hamden Art Center, CT.


2016: Share Space 3: 1300 S 18th St, PA.

2015: Share Space 2: 319 N. 11th St, PA.

2014: Share Space 1: Washington Square Park, PA.

2014: Reflecting Pool: The Force Field Project, PA.

2013: Feels Like The First Time: Pizza Brain, PA.

2012: What Remains: Traces of Poe: Detour Gallery, PA.

2012: And There The Moon-Bird Rests From His Flight: Window On Broad, PA.

2011: REcollect/REcreate: North End Artist’s Cooporative, CT.

2010: PARTICIPATE: University of the Arts Public Art Initiative, PA.

2009: Scenic Vistas: Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, PA.

2009: Killing Time: Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, PA.

2008: Domestic Series: Earl Gallery, CT.


2016: We See The Stars: Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, DE.

2016: The Art Of Collage: Invitational, Waynesburg University, PA.

2016: CAMD Faculty Exhibition: Kimmel Center for Performing Arts, PA.

2016: Making It: University of the Arts, PA.

2016: Digital Fringe Festival: Invitational, CRUX Space Gallery, PA.

2016: Second Language: Da Vinci Art Alliance, PA.

2016: Spring Salon: Greenpoint Gallery, NY.

2016: Veronica Cianfrano: Solo Exhibition, Resource Exchange, PA.

2015: Loved To Pieces: Invitational,  Kitchen Table Gallery , PA.

2014: Digital Divide: Assemble Gallery, PA.

2013: Heavy Hands: Solo Exhibition, Salon 1522, PA.

2013: Dinner And A Movie: Little Berlin, PA.

2013: Attention Otherwise Occupied:

2011: Museums On The Web: Solmssen Court, PA.

2011: Art Unleashed: Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, PA.

2010: Art Of Fashion: Crosby Street Gallery, CT.

2010: MFA Thesis Exhibition: Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, PA.

2010: Future Excavations: University of the Arts, PA.

2009: Works In Progress: Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, PA.

2009: 2-D or Not 2-D: Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, PA.

2008: Works In Progress: Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, PA.

2008: Generations: Invitational, A.I.R Gallery, NY.

2008: City Wide Open Studios: Art Space, CT.

2007: Searching Home: Hamden Art Center, CT.

2005: Wish You Were Here: A.I.R Gallery, NY.


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